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"How companies use information technology will define their success in the coming era of virtual business." 
Glover Ferguson, 
Andersen Consulting (11/96)


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Today, most organizations in all sectors of industry, commerce and government are fundamentally dependent on their information systems. In industries such as telecommunications, media, entertainment and financial services, where the product is already or is being increasingly digitized, the existence of an organization crucially depends on the effective application of information technology (IT).With the emergence of e-commerce, the use of technology is becoming just an accepted, indeed expected, way of conducting business. Consequently, organizations are increasingly looking toward the application of technology not only to underpin existing business operations but also to create new opportunities that provide them with a source of competitive advantage. In order to manage information systems and information technology (IS/IT) strategically, for that reason, we came with PT. Altros Teknologi


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PT. Altros Teknologi
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