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Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) solution personalizes the shopping journey for consumers. It engages shoppers with relevant mobile content offered in real time, based on in-store location.

This powerful solution also captures location analytics to give visibility into shopper movements and behavior patterns. In addition, your store can provide ready access to Facebook over Wi-Fi. That helps you connect users to the store and boost brand recognition with social media check-ins.

The Cisco CMX-enabled apps use Wi-Fi location to create a personalized loyalty experience. They feature shopping history, zone-based advertisements, indoor navigation to products, and more.

Digital Media Store Experience

Increase sales, educate customers and employees on your products and company, and improve the customer experience. The Cisco Digital Media Store Experience offers a comprehensive suite of signage technology and applications that can help boost your business.

It is based on the Cisco Digital Media Suite (DMS), a flexible and comprehensive solution for digital signage and desktop video. DMS makes it easy to create, manage, publish, and access high-quality digital media for compelling communications.

You can use the Cisco Digital Signage solution, part of DMS, to offer dynamic content such as promotional videos, advertising, training, and branding. As a result, your store can reduce operational costs, improve revenue growth, and engage customers with personalized content from a variety of different channels.

PCI Compliance Solution

Protect Your Business and Your Brand

More easily meet compliance requirements with the Cisco PCI Solution for Retail. This solution offers a holistic approach to complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. It protects customer points of sale and transaction data using Cisco architecture, validated designs, and validated devices, services, and applications. The Cisco PCI Solution for Retail creates a foundation for ongoing compliance while enhancing overall security and risk management.

Store in a Box Solution

With Cisco Store in a Box, you can run your entire retail site from a single computing platform. Studies show that stores can save from 50 to 80 percent with this proven technology.

From a single server, Cisco Store in a Box can support:

  • Mobility services
  • PCI compliance
  • Point of sale (POS) back-office services
  • Video, analytics, and content caching

Store in a Box is especially designed to support branch locations, new store setups, and temporary shopping environments. No need for expensive truck rolls and additional costs for computing services. Grow topline revenue, while evaluating new store concepts, and capturing seasonal as well as transitional markets.

  • Save Up to 80%

    Consolidate your store functions onto a single server for significant savings.

  • Less Equipment, Lower Costs

    Columbia Sportswear can now add new IT services, such as analytics and digital signage, quickly and easily.

  • Support Business, Stay Compliant

    Swanson gives marketing employees access to social media sites while maintaining security.



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