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ALTROS Technology Company (originally PT. Altros Teknologi) was organized under the laws of the State of Indonesia on May, 2010. In 2011 we get our partnership as Cisco Premier Partner and grow fast as part of Global IT Consultation and Integration in Indonesia. For more information on the history of ALTROS, visit the "Historic/Timeline" section of our website.
To view a list of services provided by ALTROS Company, visit our Our Services
PT. ALTROS TEKNOLOGI, Kompleks Puri Delta Mas, Jakarta Utara
Please do not hesitate to contact us via email through or Phone +62-21-666-707-82
Visit the "Careers" Section of our website to access information on current career opportunities.


ALTROS is a pioneer in IT solution infrastructure market in Indonesia, enabling carriers and enterprises to keep up with the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. Our services redefines what's possible in wireless and wired network technology with flexibility, reliability, and affordability.
We delivers innovative solutions to the most critical issues facing today's IT network Infrastructure (Wired and Wireless): how to create affordable reliability and how to manage exponential growth. Our capabilities in hardware, software, and services help enterprises and carriers increase the range and reliability of their network infrastructure, reduce the cost of deployment, and ensure consistent performance even in the most challenging business environments.
Users have come to expect network performance to be inconsistent and unreliable. This is because interference and other obstacles cause dropped packets that degrade network performance. Furthermore, the reliability problem is getting worse with increasingly sophisticated devices and greater demand for video and high-bandwidth applications. Wired and Wireless network infrastructure carriers face the additional challenge of exponential growth. Worldwide, there are over 5 billion mobile subscriptions with nearly 1 billion mobile broadband subscribers. During the next 5 years, global mobile data traffic will grow by 18 times. Carriers are already stretched to handle these volumes of traffic and the problem is getting worse.
We takes a different approach than other IT technologies. Where others try brute force, We uses intelligence to steer around any interference and slip past the obstacles. Our solutions combines hardware, software, and services to deliver faster wired and wireless connections. Our adaptive antenna arrays and best path selection algorithms direct signals only where they are needed. Our technology is also noteworthy for its simplicity of installation, maintenance, and operation.


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