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With our certified engineer and experienced management, ALTROS has over 6 years of true 24x7x365 support. Our dedicated team of engineers has the expertise to provide comprehensive support and apply best practices learned from years of experience and collaboration. We take on day-to-day accountability for managing the solutions we engineer and implement, taking the burden off of internal IT staff so they can focus on core projects.

ALTROS Managed IT Services Stand Out

ALTROS Support team is always on call, ready to troubleshoot and resolve critical system issues quickly and efficiently from our Indonesia-based Command Center. They typically respond faster than internal staff, with no after-hours disruption. For more than a decade, this center has served hundreds of client organizations, managing thousands of devices throughout the world. ALTROS also offers full support in special situations, including disaster response/mitigation. ALTROS offers a full suite of Managed Care services, including:

  • Cisco Collaboration Management and Support Services: Keep lines of communication open with automated, efficient and standardized management of IP communications, conferencing, messaging, mobility and video.
  • Desktop Support Services: Ensure desktop uptime and enhance employee productivity with a full spectrum of desktop lifecycle services, including imaging, refresh and replacement strategy.
  • Proactive Server/Network/Application Monitoring Services: Stay on top of existing and potential problems with 24x7x365 IT environment monitoring and scheduled maintenance.
  • Off-Hours Server Patching Services: Free up staff to focus on key projects, lower the risk of security breaches, and reduce downtime for mission-critical applications with full life-cycle patch management during off-hours.
  • Incident-Based Phone Support: Reduce wait time and improve efficiency 24x7x365, with full support and immediate response to routine and emergency production issues.
  • Managed Security Services: Protect your business from external threats, including 24x7x365 log correlation monitoring to inspect traffic for potential threats (provided for firewalls, IDS & IPS).
  • On-Site Staff Augmentation Services: Expand expertise with temporary IT talent to meet your specific needs—across all skill sets and disciplines.

Contact Us to learn more about how our managed IT services and outsourced IT solutions can help your business.


Given today's business pace, off-line IT infrastructure causes lost productivity, time, and money, and impairs your competitive advantage. But how do you balance cost versus risk in getting the right mix of in-house versus third-party maintenance, support and monitoring services for IT?

 Expert skills are scarce and expensive. But you have a complex installed base that spans multiple vendors, licences, technologies, devices even countries. You require proactive IT service support to ensure continued availability and reliability. But when your systems fail, does your maintenance contract ensure you have enough of the right resources on call? And can they solve your problems fast and efficiently, according to an appropriate service level agreement (SLA)?

Employing internal resources to manage unscheduled downtime can be costly. It would require an increase in highly skilled staff across multiple technologies and geographies.

ALTROS's Uptime Maintenance and Support  services, combined with our contract aggregation capabilities and Insite monitoring services, provide a portfolio of flexible service products and options to ensure that your ICT estate is properly covered. These services offer you predictable costs and a framework for efficient resource allocation, while protecting your business from risk and the unwelcome expense of downtime.

  Why choose ALTROS' Uptime and Insite services?

  • Consistent global service delivery: we have a direct presence in over 50 countries and extended service coverage through our Preferred Partner Programme. We also offer local language support: we speak 13 different languages in our five Global Service Centres.
  • Access to leading technical expertise: you have access to world-class engineers, spanning six technology areas of expertise globally. Where relevant, we also offer third-party expertise thanks to our global partnerships with leading technology vendors  such as Cisco, Microsoft, Blue Coat, Check Point, F5, Juniper and Riverbed.
  • Best-in-class service level agreements (SLAs): our SLAs continually motivate us to resolve issues speedily. Our SLA clock starts from the moment you call our Global Service Centre. You can choose an SLA that meets your specific business requirements and on a per-device basis.


Our Uptime Mainten​an​ce Service​​ supports the life cycle of your assets, facilitates rapid response to incidents and restores failed devices according to service level agreements that suit your business requirements.

​Our Uptime Maintenance Service consists of:

  • Incident management: we offer you a single point of contact for all incidents around the world through our Global Service Centres, and deliver according to agreed service levels.
  • Engineer to site: if an incident can't be resolved remotely, we send one of our engineers to your premises.
  • Parts to site: we dispatch replacement parts to meet agreed service levels. When replacement parts have been shipped, we manage the process of returning the faulty part.
  • Multi-vendor management: we take on the procurement, renewal and management of your manufacturer (vendor) maintenance contracts. We'll also administrate any claims against the vendor for returned material.
  • Services portal: our portal offers you online incident and request logging; moves, additions, changes and deletions (MACDs) recording and standard reporting; online access to contract details, and incident and request reports.
  • Subscription services: we help you implement software patches, minor feature releases and major software upgrades.
  • Service levels: We resolve incidents quickly and within an agreed timeframe.  Uptime service levels are flexible, giving you the choice of what you need.




Plans which drive your business forward

A good ICT infrastructure and strategy will not just support a business – it will add value. However to reach a point where it drives the business rather than constrains it, you must be able to understand how it works - and be given clear options on how to proceed.

Often, networks have been upgraded in ad hoc fashion. New applications and protocols can only complicate the situation. You may be finding your systems cannot support increasing workloads. They may not be fully integrated and you’re pretty sure they won’t accommodate future demands.

Our highly focused consultants conduct thorough reviews of your current and future communications requirements. They examine your infrastructure in its wider context, reviewing operational, tactical and strategic issues.

From network design and optimisation to incident response, data centre strategy, service delivery, managed services and employee training, no stone is left unturned.

The benefit of our evaluation is you will gain a complete understanding of your network and future demands which will be placed upon it, and be given an evaluation and cost profile for each option.

You will be given business driven propositions on which you can make clear recommendations based on thorough due diligence.

If you decide to go forward to the design stage of any project, you will certainly improve network efficiency and resilience – and make better use of technology you have already got. Your investment will be future proofed, and it is more than likely you will reduce costs.


Your objectives are our business

When managing a project our clear aim is to make best use of time, give high quality of service and ensure you achieve a long term return on your investment.

Having examined your critical business challenges and agreed a strategic framework, our priority is to deliver a project which reflects your objectives. It will be precise in its implementation, mitigating risks while taking account of relevant sensitivities.

We take a logical approach using pre-defined and agreed steps in every phase of the implementation. These are mandatory to ensure that all stages of the project are completed to the required standards.

There is a timeframe for completion and the whole implementation is co-ordinated by the project manager who takes end-to-end responsibility, from planning, migration and integration through to issue resolution and preparation of progress reports.

Our fully accredited project managers are recognised decision makers. They deliver the ICT changes and manage the project so that the business benefits materialise as soon as possible.

Working with them are high calibre people to help ensure every phase of the programme is completed to the standards you expect, on time and to budget.

Every implementation is overseen by an executive project board with over 10 years’ experience of delivering complex problems. All are professionally accredited to programme level.

The result is controlled delivery of a project to industry recognised standards. As each stage goes live the customer will have reaped the benefit of the investment and be ready to benefit from ongoing service management.



Ensuring your investment is in safe hands

With service management you have the confidence of knowing that someone always has your best interests at heart.

It is an enhanced offering delivered by a ALTROS service manager who ensures your new technology is working well and everything is in accordance with service level agreements. But this is not just about routine maintenance. It is a proactive commitment by us to go that little bit further. You will appreciate the value of direct access to a designated service expert all day every day. This single point of contact is there to resolve issues swiftly and to ensure the service is being delivered to expectations. You have access to the right level of expertise. Someone to ensure the service is always on track and that you enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction. Your service manager will gauge how your business develops in the long run - and how our service will flex with it. In short his aim is never to take his eye off the ball. We’re confident that with this level of support you’ll be able to mitigate the effects of downtime, increase your productivity and enhance profitability. You may even be able to reallocate resources as efficiency improves. Our service managers are integral to a multi-tiered support service which includes, service desk, service manager and specific customer reporting. Each provides different levels of management skills so that you get the support best suited to your business. It’s a case of putting the customer first, every time.



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