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In today's fast-moving world of retail, e-commerce, and logistics, having a strong IT infrastructure is paramount for business success.

The increasing consumer demand for quick, easy and seamless purchasing experiences has put pressure on the industry to deliver reliable services that support efficient operations.

Robust networking capabilities are essential for effective communication and collaboration among departments, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goal.

A reliable data center is important for storing, processing, and analyzing market data and transactional information.

Collaboration endpoints ensure smooth communication and efficient decision making throughout the organization.

Lastly, a robust security system protects the business from external threats and internal security breaches.

Industry Challenges

Having a reliable and high-speed internet connection is critical to ensuring the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations in every places.

Also with the rise of cybercrime and data breaches, it is essential to implement measures to protect sensitive information, not only for the business but for their customers and employees as well.

Security solutions can not only help prevent cyberattacks but also provide backup and disaster recovery solutions in case of any mishaps.

Easily expand and adapt your technology as your business evolves.

One of the critical reasons why retail, e-commerce, and logistics need IT infrastructure such as networking is its capability to enable efficient and secure transmission of data between the partners involved.

The vast amounts of data generated require efficient networking infrastructure to streamline operations and reduce the risks of potential security breaches.

Networking infrastructure facilitates the seamless transfer of data between retail chains, e-commerce platforms, and logistics providers, ensuring the timely delivery of products that meet customer needs.

Additionally, it enables retailers and e-commerce platforms to gain real-time access to relevant data points while at the same time providing a secure environment for data storage and exchange.

The advancements in networking technology ensure seamless connectivity, faster data exchange, and more reliable security solutions, making it an essential component of any efficient retail, e-commerce, or logistics business operation.

Industry drivers
  • Retailers, e-Commerce, and Logistics are deploying more valuable technology and physical assets resulting in more costly losses due to theft of these assets
  • Proliferation of technology is accelerating in corporate, home, and mobile environments, driving new bandwidth and security considerations
  • Threat actors are constantly changing tactics and methods
  • Desire to modernize the cargo processes
Business needs
  • Viewing and recording activity in and around the place
  • Understanding all activity in the place
  • Connecting stores and other locations securely and reliably
  • Protecting against security threats
  • Securely connect stores and prioritize traffic to help ensure uptime and reliability
  • Connecting stores and other locations securely and reliably
  • Increase effectiveness of cargo and logistics management for overall operational excellence
  • Providing a safe and compliant environment for associates and customers by leveraging video to detect unsafe or illegal activity
  • Mitigating cybersecurity risk, detecting attacks, and reducing the impact of breaches
  • Deploying a secure, flexible, resilient, and scalable network between the stores, corporate locations, and the cloud
  • Enabling point-to-point, multi-cast, and broadcast distribution of information
Business outcomes
  • Compliance with regulations and corporate policies
  • Reduced impact of cyber attacks
  • Improve cargo service delivery, logistics, and operational performance
  • Improve employee productivity
  • VP of store operations
  • VP of supply chain
  • VP of logistics

Between customer expectations and an experience that delivers, there’s a bridge.

The retail landscape is constantly evolving as customers expect more from their experiences with retail brands, whether in store or online. 

Provides a secure channel for sharing sensitive data that helps foster trust among loyal customers.

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