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Despite numerous challenges, there has been considerable progress in digital transformation of health care, which we expect will continue in 2020 and beyond.

With digital finding traction, the health care systems will witness a shift in data management from storing data sets to extracting insights that can be monetized and support opportunity areas including population health management and value-based care.

Amidst this growth, there are challenges to digitization in healthcare posed by outdated legacy platforms, cost and complexity of new technologies, and constantly evolving business needs and scenarios and cybersecurity will continue to remain a prime concern.

Healthcare organizations face immense challenges from provider burnout to regulatory demands, to an aging global population, the requirements to deliver quality healthcare are complex.

• Adapt to COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic expectation
• Redefine clinical experiences from Edge-to-Cloud
• Enable network automation and provide robust management tools for your operators
• Ensure that all medical devices, users, and things are profiled and correctly assigned network access

Support healthcare customers with innovation

Unified Infrastructure: Industry leading Wired, WLAN, SD-WAN, and VPN allow any healthcare user, device, or Medical IoT to connect, no matter where they are. The single pane of management, Aruba Central, can be delivered via the Cloud, or On-Premise, and enables every type of healthcare deployment.

Zero Trust Security: By adopting a Zero-Trust posture, Aruba enables healthcare to profile every device with ClearPass Device Insight and ensure that the correct network access policy is being followed with ClearPass Policy Manager.

CCTV & Monitoring: Help protect your patients, visitors, and employees with connected cameras and analytics that monitor facility activities, analyze movement patterns, and detect threats faster.

Benefits to healthcare

Improving the Patient Experience: Each patient unique and deserves a personalized approach — one where the patient, provider, and health system work together toward a common goal. More than patient-centric, it is a holistic engagement between the patient, their provider, and the health system at large.

Improving Population Health: Expanding access to healthcare can improve overall population health, especially in historically under-served communities.

Better communication: Facilitate communication between healthcare providers, enabling them to collaborate and share information more effectively.

Higher performance and cost reduction: WAN combines multiple line protocols including MPLS, internet, 4G in a virtual link. It enables the use of efficient and flexible internet and 4G, instead of rigid and expensive MPLS lines at a lower cost and higher flexibility

Unified wireless and wired network experience: Simplifies and improves IT operations with a cloud-native, uniform console for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN across local stores and corporate data center locations.

Industry drivers
  • Informed patients expect new, improved, and customized experiences
  • Ability to quickly respond to new demands
  • Innovation and accelerated development of new wired and wireless-enabled solutions and services
  • Secure and protect patients, visitors, and employees with automation for code events and emergency responses
Business needs
  • Reduce capital cost for new facility builds and remodels
  • Reduce operational costs to maintain facilities
  • Automate system monitoring, response, and security
  • Consolidate secure messaging and voice platforms
  • Shared use of a single mobile device for task automation
  • Patient-specific context to enhance care team collaboration
  • Sharing of patient data for collaboration with the care team and support personnel
  • Critical lab results and image sharing
  • Apply threat-centric visibility and control to next generation firewalls (NGFW) for protection at the perimeter
  • Gain visibility into behavior from within the network via analytics
  • Deliver secure, highly available network services, automatically optimized for data, voice, and video
  • Continuous and reliable connectivity to mission-critical business and clinical applications from clinic to hospital to home
Business outcomes
  • Increased protection from cybersecurity threats
  • Less time spent troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Less disruption to business operations
  • Improve clinical workflows and staff productivity
  • Better patient experience (HCAHPS)
  • Strengthen quality of care; help reduce medical errors, time for shift transitions, and time to discharge
  • Chief operating officer
  • Chief medical officer
  • Chief medical information officer
  • Chief nursing officer
  • Chief nursing information officer
  • Chief information officer
  • Chief technology officer
  • Chief information security officer
  • Chief sustainability officer

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